by Sonny Sev

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DelfonicMan A short and sweet compilation of dreamy yet thought provoking lyrics and bangin' beats. Favorite track: Breezy [Prod. THA F.O.R.M.U.L.A].
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"InfiniteZoo" is a compilation EP of works by 18 year old OGT member EmptySev, along with some verses from fellow emcee's and close friends around him. Laying down a foundation as well as a milestone in his career, now the future is looking INFINITE.


released June 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Sonny Sev Hemet, California

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Track Name: Dopamine ft. Infanine [Prod. RUMAN]
Aiming for the gold to match the color of my soul,
Unlock the hidden chains inside your brain and let it go,
This be that higher elevation, higher learnin nation,
Do it all yourself if you aint know this motivation,
Just know you cant phase us,
Just because you face a couple blunts,
Aint even high dog, I'm levitated,
Out this fuckin matrix,
You locked up in ya mental, thats the modern day enslavement,
They got you with your face against the pavement,
Lickin up the dirt, and its about the simple things that youre complaining?
Give a fuck less about the physical, watch who youre prayin to,
Play your cards right, know your worth (wealth) and you'll be straight my dude,
EmptySev, no spaces in between, Capitalize the S and we'll be in the fuckin green.

my mentals in the solar, my soul it glows hard,
radiate an energy, similar to go hard,
nina is the entity, and i believe in trinity,
to save me from this matrix and return me to divinity,
yeah boy, I be on some different shit,
sparkin piff igniting lift my thoughts are vivid images,
picturin the life im livin giving thought to higher shit,
INFANINE the king of my realm on some sire shit,
smoking fire so im getting higher than a pilot gets,
flip the switch up in my brain to get on some enlightened shit

And that isnt the half of it,
Im the master of the dragon,
Spitting magic plastering, flacid minds with gifts from NINE,
You think im trying,
I'm relaxing, then im paccing grass into my reefer glasses,
and you can catch the Seven, lurkin in the shadows,
We make our own moves nigga fucc being a chattel,
tune into my channel and be baffled by the battle man,
my visions in the center so i rise above the chatter,
I watch these mortals shatter as i feel my life thrive,
legacy it never dies, thats why i right rhymes,
to preserve my right mind, cus when my vessel is gone,
no longer my testicles will hold a piece of my soul

Senses sharp, like a sniper rifle aimin at ya rival,
This ink inside my pen is like a holy thought revival, uh,
Zonin out my pineal,
Spiritual levels are on the rise yo,
Higher than the taxes, and the gasses, and the masses out in Africa,
My aura moves slow mo,
Still it looks too fast for ya,
They tell me dumb it down and slow it down, I aint got time for ya,
Crown chakra flexin,
Black belt holder with these rhymes I'm steady kickin,
Consonant and vowels move strong,
So I guess I'm straight shittin,
Chess game of words with a twist (twist)
Pants saggin, young villain with a thirst of the world at his grip (grip)
Say the body is a temple,
So step into my trenchcoat,
and let me let you feel how the rest goes,
Thiiird eye balanced thru my body, got it tatted on my chest tho..
And thats that organized flow.